How to Join

Joining our club is a great opportunity for all those who are passionate about climbing and for those who are interested in trying a new and unique sport. We're really looking forward to meeting all the new members whether you are a seasoned climber or if you've never stepped foot in a climbing wall. We run regular events including socials that range from pub crawls to laser quest, lots of internal and external competitions, outdoor trips throughout the year and lessons taught by our lovely exec. Our club caters to all climbers and we have plenty of friendly faces around. If you become a member of our club you will:

  • Have access to the climbing wall during club hours (Mon & Fri 3:15-5:15pm, Tues & Wed 1-3pm)

  • Be able to hire our gear for free during club hours and helmets for outdoor trips

  • Allow you to sign up for our free top rope lessons (suitable even for absolute beginners!) and lead climbing lessons

  • Register your interest for top rope lessons here

  • Enable you to come on any of our domestic trips as well as our European tour which aren't likely to run this year.

  • Be able to buy BMC affiliate insurance at a cheaper price

  • Get a 15% discount at Lockwood’s in term 1 and 10% off in terms 2 and 3. Lockwood’s is a local gear shop and a great place to spend some money.

  • Access to our weekly emails detailing all club events including socials and competitions and sign-ups for trips. (socials and competitions are free to attend)

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 situation we are unable to hold taster sessions this year. However if you would like to try out climbing before you join the club you can buy a one time climb from the sports centre reception. Everyone who uses the centre for the first time will also need to complete an induction which involves a floor walk and a bouldering induction video.

To join the club you will need to head over to the SU website where you will need to purchase the climbing standard membership fee (£6) to join the club. You will also need to buy the Sports Federation Student Membership Fee (£32.00) and the Club Pass Membership Fee (ON CAMPUS) (£66.00) which will allow you to become memebers of other sports clubs as well.

You will also need to pay £16.85 to pay for BMC affiliate membership, however this does not need to be paid for until 3 months after joining the club

If you decide that you would like to climb more regularly at the centre you will need to look into either the Climbing (£200) or All Inclusive (£299) Memberships from Warwick Sport. Please note that the All Inclusive Membership only allows climbing during OFF PEAK HOURS, however, our club hours will still count as off peak for our club members. These memberships are NOT REQUIRED to become a member of the club but can be purchased either online or at the reception in the sports centre.

Before you climb you will need to have an induction session at the wall which you can do during club hours. Please register online first so you can spend more time climbing!

Take a look at the sports centre website for more information:

If you have any other questions about the club feel free to message us on our facebook, instagram or send us an email, the links can be found our about the club page.