What are Club Hours?

Whenever someone talks about club hours, they are referring to the seven hours a week during which a member of the Climbing Club can climbing for free at the Sports Hub. This breaks down into Monday 3:15-5:05, Tuesday 1-2:50, Wednesday 1-2:50 and Friday 3:15-5:05. Unlike most sport clubs, “Club Hours” do not have a formal program. Simply put, during club hours we climb. We had plans to expand upon this this year with more organised club hours, but obviously we can’t do this anymore. With the wall capacity at 75 I suspect club hours will continue to be a great way to meet people (please remain socially distant at all times!!). The entire club is very friendly and if you look lost enough someone will most likely come over to about 3m away and say hi. Of course you can always come and say hi first!

How club hours running/How can I climb?

In a normal year, a club member would be able to get to the wall during these times just by scanning their card. This year, everyone who wants to climb at the sports hub has to register for a session on the Warwick Sport website. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Wait until it is 7 days before the session you'd like to climb during.
  2. Log in, not as a Community Member but as a Student, over at the Warwick Sport website.
  3. Open Advanced Search and choose "S U Club Bookings"
  4. Make sure your From and To selections include the right date.
  5. Select Climbing Club from the search results
  6. Select the date/time you'd like. weekly climb.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email after your booking.
  8. On the day - As well as climbing gear make sure you bring with you 1) Booking confirmation 2) Your NUS ID card 3) Facemask 4) Hand sanitiser
  9. Please don't arrive more than 10 minutes before club hours start. Try to turn up wearing your climbing clothes.
  10. Once you are let in, come on down to the wall and say hi to one of the exec.
  11. Climb. Have fun!
  12. Call your parents and tell them you love them, they miss you you know (this step is optional)

Anything special I should know?

Yes. The Climbing Centre is by far the least safe place you will visit on campus. The ropes and holds are not cleaned by anyone. It is vital you wash your hands before and right after every session, and avoid touching any of your stuff in between.