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We are an inclusive and active sports club that’s been running for quite a while. Our aim is to get as many people as possible to experience the joy of climbing on real rock, and we run as many outdoor trips as we can get away with. These are suitable for any level of experience, and we provide free top rope, lead and trad lessons to our members, as well as access to the “World Class facilities” provided by Warwick Sport. We’re one of the largest clubs on campus with over 400 members!

Safety is in all that we do, and due to COVID 19 we’ve had to change how things are running this year. However, many things are staying the same. We will be holding weekly socials (outside or online!) and are looking forwards to the challenge of staying socially distant on a pub crawl. We’ve got plans to continue running movie nights and other more chill sober socials, so there will be something for everyone. Our club hours will still be running in a limited capacity, check out the relevant page above for more info. In a normal year we offer free tasters to any student in the first few weeks of term 1, but sadly we won’t be able to do so this year.

Trips are looking increasingly unlikely to be run by us as a club. This is a real shame and we hope we can get back on real rock soon! For people who like a challenge and want to push their physical and mental boundaries, we will keep running internal lead and bouldering competitions and are keeping a keen eye on the actions of the BMC when it comes to external comps.

The exec committee are all very nice people (a very unbiased take) and would love to answer any questions you have. If you’re a new student be sure to check out our freshers page!

Big love and send hard,
Jasper Williams and Oliver Pearson
Club Presidents

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